The Life, Art & Cookbook of Cipe Pineles: Leave Me Alone with the Recipes


Cipe Pineles, Sarah Rich, Wendy MacNaughton, Debbie Millman, Maria Popova

Best new cookbook of the year .

Introducing Cipe Pineles's delectable work in food and art to a new generation.

Not long ago, writer Sarah Rich and Wendy discovered a painted manuscript at an antiquarian book fair: it was the work of one of the most influential graphic designers of the twentieth century--Cipe (pronounced "C.P.") Pineles, the first female art director at Condé Nast. Completed in 1945, it was a keepsake of her connection to her childhood's Eastern European food--she called it Leave Me Alone with the Recipes.

With Pineles's illustrated cookbook and a section of updated recipes as its centerpiece, this gorgeous volume will delight foodies and design devotees alike.

Visit the sites for Cipe Pineles, Sarah Rich, Debbie Millman, and Maria Popova.

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