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DrawTogether is a first-of-its-kind drawing show for kids. Through participatory videos, podcasts and a newsletter for kids, DrawTogether uses drawing as a tool to build kids’ curiosity, resilience, confidence and connection to each other and the world.

DrawTogether Classrooms  is a non-profit program that offers educators resources, support and training to help them easily integrate arts and social emotional learning into their learning environments around the world.


Highlights from DrawTogether's first season.

Born from an emergency effort to help families grapple with the first days of Covid, DrawTogether became a global phenomenon during the pandemic. For four months, five days a week, Wendy went live on Instagram to teach drawing to tens of thousands of kids around the world. But more than drawing, she was helping them learn to be present, identify and cope with big feelings, build flexibility and confidence, let go of perfectionism and have a lot of fun. 

DrawTogether stems from Wendy’s work as a drawer and training as a social worker. It’s a social emotional learning intervention, offering kids a diverse group of guests who open up kids’ worlds about what is possible out in the big, wide world. Including important stuff like emotional fruit and farting unicorns. 

With the collaboration of numerous talented, committed, caring people, DrawTogether has evolved from a live instagram show into a multimedia learning universe, engaging a global community of kids, caregivers, and educators. Today, DrawTogether includes:

Wendy is peering through a door into a room that is made out of cardboard and paint. Two aprons are hanging to the left of the door, and a grandfather clock is painted on the wall to the right.

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DrawTogether Classrooms

Supporting educators to bring arts and social emotional learning into classrooms.

To learn more about the DrawTogether project and properties, email Studio@WendyMacNaughton.com

To learn more about DrawTogether Classrooms, email Kate@DrawTogether.Studio

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