Handdrawn lettering saying "The Grown-Ups Table, AKA The GUT"

The Grown-Ups Table is a subscription-based weekly DrawTogether class for adults. It’s sort of like long-distance art school, except everyone is super supportive, and Wendy teaches whatever the heck she feels like. Class is delivered once a week directly to your inbox, and the community gathers online to share our work and encourage one another. It’s kind of the best. Join us!

A Sneak Peak at The GUT

Drawing Medicine for Decision Fatigue

Constraints, Chance, and Collaborating with the Universe

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Let's Focus on the Negative

A Little Lesson on Negative Space featuring Hokusai, Du Bois, Schiele, and the Fed Ex logo.

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Studio Sounds

What do artists listen to while working? And how does it impact their art?

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Oh, the Places We've Been!

Reflecting on 30+ drawing lessons, assignments, guest artists, and more.

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Personal Color Palette

Drawing inspiration from our daily lives - and artists Alma Thomas & Bisa Butler.

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Special Edition: The GUT Imaginary Library, Created by You

I've been LOLing for days.

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Artist and Their Pets

Ode to our four-legged, finned and feathered best friends

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