We live in a fractured world, endlessly divided by class, race, gender, sexuality, politics, religion and on and on... One of the saddest consequences of this? Frustrated, fearful, sometimes just lost in our own worlds, we look away. We don’t see each other anymore.

Luckily there exists a sophisticated tool to help us pay attention and connect with people we might otherwise avoid or ignore. It’s called a pen. A simple drawing exercise can rewire our brains into SEEING one another again. All it takes is 60 seconds, some paper and pens, and two strangers.

DrawTogether Strangers is a global portrait project connecting strangers through the simple act of looking and drawing, two people at a time.

What follows is all the information necessary for anyone – YOU – to host a DrawTogether Strangers event. It includes:

  • a list of materials
  • instructions on how to set up and facilitate the experience, including a script for hosts to use
  • information on how to share the drawings publicly and submit them for exhibition, and participate in the broader DrawTogether community

Thank you for joining the movement to use drawing as a vehicle for connection, and helping people see one another, two strangers at a time.

Questions? Contact wendy@wendymacnaughton.com

Special thanks to the Muriel Pollia Foundation and fiscal sponsor Intersection for the Arts